Democratizing LGBTQ Communities Through New Media

In a previous blog of mine titled, Doubting the Democratization Potential of the Internet, I expressed that the cyberworld is merely a remapping of the social structure and hierarchy from the corporeal world to a virtual one.  I believe that increasing presence of queer and trans-blogging has impacted the LGBTQ communities in a positive way,... Continue Reading →


Doubting the Democratizing Potential of the Internet

The notion that social media holds a democratizing potential carries within in it a feminist discourse in that it establishes a space in which freedom of expression can be experienced without reservations to create radical and innovative change.  That the internet might serve as an “escape” from female embodiment, however, may have been a pre-mature... Continue Reading →

“Public” Breastfeeding

A range of emotions and incommensurable reactions towards the performance of breastfeeding, both within the home but most notably in public space, has taken on a complex and multi-layered fixation.  In the United States, notably over the last two centuries, popular attitudes and feelings on the topic have repetitively oscillated between approval and non-approval in... Continue Reading →

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