Democratizing LGBTQ Communities Through New Media

In a previous blog of mine titled, Doubting the Democratization Potential of the Internet, I expressed that the cyberworld is merely a remapping of the social structure and hierarchy from the corporeal world to a virtual one.  I believe that increasing presence of queer and trans-blogging has impacted the LGBTQ communities in a positive way,... Continue Reading →


How America Has Capitalized on the Concept of Obesity

The attack on obesity has been capitalized by the American society in the typical ways you would expect by a country built on the means of high production and mass consumption.  Their success lies in the misleading relationship between the powers of society and those who are controlled by it, providing the misconception that citizens... Continue Reading →

Reality TV & The Transformation of Identity of the Self

The cultural economy of entertainment and advertising has transformed the identity of the self by creating ideal and normative images or behaviors through governmentality and biopower, simultaneously targeting marginalized groups that lie outside the narrow boundaries of such definitions.  From makeover television such as Work Out or The Biggest Loser to beauty and fitness advertising, citizens... Continue Reading →

Compulsory Heterosexuality in Contemporary Times

Compulsory heterosexuality, which enforces a male dominated culture by imposing the notion that women and men are innately attracted towards one another in addition to the denial and intolerance of homosexuality, is re-examined by Adrienne Rich through a unique feminist critique and lesbian experience.  Rich argues that men enforce this through various mechanisms of violence. ... Continue Reading →

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