Virginity: Going Going Gone!

Australian girl’s virginity has been sold.
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Women’s virginity has long been a cultural value of some sort among societies across the globe implying things such as monetary worth and purity.  For the most part, this value increases with its preservation and has rarely been decided by the woman herself.  With the term slut sill loosely used to describe a woman who uses her sexuality freely and on her own terms, I would argue that the value of virginity in the Western world is still very much an oppressive concept we continue to follow.

But what about the increasingly popular idea of actually selling your own virginity?  I have come up with a number of opinions regarding this concept, none of which I can coerce into a definite for or against stance.

Via Google Images
Statement made my Natalie Dylan (above) who auctioned off her virginity as a sociology experiment.

Growing up, girls are always told to wait until they find the “right one”, advice that upholds the spiritual value of the act.  I struggle with this advice because I feel that this is the feminine interpretation and internalization of the patriarchal system, that losing or saving your virginity carries consequence and meaning.  For most girls, the experience of our first time holds much less significance in comparison to what society makes it out to be, and in many cases, is total a let-down from all the hype.  In fact, many girls loose it just to get it over with.

Girls who sell their virginity have the general mentality that if men can benefit off of our virginity, why not benefit from it ourselves?  It sounds logical but ultimately still does not take away the value aspect of the act.  It now becomes a monetary yet profitable value for the woman but does not take away all value of the act for the man who is indeed paying large sums of money for it.  I think it is easy to argue against that statement, but I find it short-sighted to believe that a man willing to pay millions of dollars for a woman’s virginity does not find some sort of value in what he is paying for, not to mention a somewhat demented fantasy.

Ultimately, I believe it is the woman’s decision as to how she treats her virginity, whether she wants to give it a spiritual value, monetary value or no value at all.  Now would I sell my virginity?  Heeeell NO!  But I can’t say that I judge against it, and with the popularity and appealing idea of it catching on in many countries, I wouldn’t doubt that it’s far off from becoming anything unusual.

There are many fascinating YouTube videos on selling virginity.  Here is one I personally found interesting.  And just in case you were wondering how other’s felt about it, the Likes/Dislikes ratio comes out to 33:40.


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