Personal Introduction…

Slightly apprehensive about taking my first step towards entering the world of internet blogging and social media networking, I will begin by introducing myself.  I am currently an undergraduate at Hunter College as an Environmental Studies major.  Passionate about our world, I see environmentalism as more than just a scientific, academic interest but consider it a lifestyle, a worldview and a moral base.  For me environmentalism is more than just caring for the Earth, because in taking care of the Earth I believe we are also taking care of humanity.

I titled my blog, The Nature of Women, not really sure at the moment why I named it that other than I love nature and I love women.  However, after reading some interesting and engaging works by Sherry B. Ortner, I am careful not to make a direct correlation between the two, as this has long been used as a powerful distinction made by men as a tool to create an order of hierarchy.  For anyone who may find this notion as interesting as I do, I will share my mid-term paper with you from my Women and Gender studies course last semester.  However, I especially urge you to read Sherry B. Ortner’s scholarly article, “Is Female to Nature as Male is to Culture?”.  If any of what I just said seemed a bit confusing, Ortner will make complete sense of it (or if you disagree…no sense at all).

With this, I hope to create meaning out of my title as my journey through this blog develops and as I make my presence within the social media world.  Tying my previous semester-long introduction to feminism with a new course on feminism, new-media and health, I expect to better define what each of these mean to me personally as well as what they mean to the great social world.

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